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Radioshuttle EAB


Radioshuttle® is the semi automated pallet management system and may just be EAB’s most appreciated solution. Radioshuttle®, which currently lifts 200,000 pallets around the world, is revolutionary within the fields of warehousing and logistics, which allows for greater efficiency and better usage of the warehouse area than ever before.

We convert space into business

Radioshuttle® allows you to use the full warehouse volume, in all temperature zones.


Our shuttle works wirelessly and is controlled using a radio transmitter via the truck. Multiple machines can be operated using one radio transmitter or our connect solution.


FILO, FIFO, mezzanine or picking tunnel? Radioshuttle® allows you to adapt handling to suit your needs.

Efficient volume handling

Radioshuttle® is EAB’s patented system for effective volume handling of pallets in deep stacking pallet racking. Unlike other deep stacking pallet racking systems where you need to drive into the racking system with the forklift, our shuttle will retrieve or leave the desired pallet. The system allows you to fully use your warehouse volume, in all temperature zones from -30°C to +40°C. We’re now having our sixth generation of Radioshuttle® , a global success which is used in over 2000 installations worldwide.

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Radioshuttle™ EAB built to last


Our patented Radioshuttle® rail has a wide upper opening. This allows the forklift driver to place the shuttle in the pallet rack quickly and easily!

Radioshuttle EAB built to last


Our RS 6.0 shuttle works with more than 200 approved pallet types. The shuttle can manage a weight of up to 1,800 kg. Of course, the shuttle is ready for Industry 4.0, Wi-Fi, RFID and WMS.


Examples of companies that have more than doubled their warehouse space through Radioshuttle­®.

At you can read more about our Radioshuttle® system and how it can help you.

Radioshuttle presents thumbnail
Radioshuttle presents thumbnail
EAB Magazijn Built to last
EAB_slutbild_ingenlogga-Frontendhigh built to last

Made in Smålandsstenar, Sweden

All design, production and development take place under our own roof in Smålandsstenar. This allows us to fully adapt dimensions, appearances and automatics to suit your specific circumstances.

Built to Last®

Built to Last is the promise we give our customers, employees, suppliers and collaborative partners about the solid construction of our products.

Read more about our promise: Built to Last®

Engineering Principles™

EAB’s Engineering Principles™ describe in detail what it is that makes our solutions last in a long-term perspective.

Read more about why our products last

Warehouse safety

At EAB, safety is present from the project start and ensures that the warehouse becomes a workplace what is as safe and sustainable as possible.

Read more about warehouse safety

Reference case

Our customers are found within most sectors where large volumes of products are managed and stored. Here are some of our most recent clients and the solutions have we created together with them.

Cape Town, South Africa EAB

AKS Lining Systems is a company with excellent growth and is in Cape Town, South Africa. They manufacture thermoplastic casting accessories in their own factory and currently export their product to more than 30 countries around the world.

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EAB Built to last when swedish orignals meet

LOHILO Foods has produced ice cream under the brand name Alvestaglass since 1979. The company has gone from only operating on a local level around the town of Alvesta in the region of Småland, to becoming a strong and popular brand among Swedish ice cream lovers. But the saga does not end there. Because in recent years they have started new and healthier alternatives, which are selling quite well both internationally and among modern health-conscious consumers.

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ellos logist center 1

The Ellos Group is a leading Nordic e-commerce group within the fashion and home furnishing sectors, with e-commerce sites Ellos, Jotex, Stayhard and Homeroom. With its headquarters in Borås, the company has its roots deep in the heart of the Swedish textile industry.

The Ellos Group was founded in 1947 by businessman Olle Blomqvist and its first post order catalogue was sent out back in 1953. Ellos was even a pioneer in digital solutions and its first online shopping solution was launched in 1999.

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European Standard

The system is protection classed in accordance with European Standard EN 13849-1:2016

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