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Kajsa Andersson

Business Unit Director, Doors
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Mattias Mårtensson

Area Sales & Project Manager, Doors
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Lars-Göran Fahlén

Area Sales & Project Manager, Doors
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Niklas Videll

Area Sales & Project Manager, Doors
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Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions we get about our doors.

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What kind of door do I need?

For doors sized up to 3 x 3 m we usually recommend a side hung door or a three-section folding door. If you need a larger door then it is always a folding door. We can supply doors up to 50 m2, depending on the door placement and intended use.

Can I custom order a door?

Yes, our doors are fully customised. We manufacture the door based upon your dimensions and specifications.

Do you offer door installation?

Yes, we offer installation and even take measurements. Read more here.

How long is your guarantee period?

We offer the longest guarantee period on the market, which is 10 years for our doors. We know that they are built to last. Our customers still have fully operational doors after 30 years.

What are your standard dimensions?

We manufacture doors upon order and customise the door to suit the measurements and specifications you provide.

Can I buy doors with glazing?

Yes, you can have glazing fit at the height you choose and choose how many glazed sections you would like. You can even buy fully glazed sections.

Reference cases

Read about some of our latest doors projects.

EAB was part of Smart Ytas establishment journey from the start. A journey that began nearly two years ago. Things moved very fast from there. Nine months after the first ground was broken on the first building the premises were sold and ready for occupation. The company has now built a total of three properties, each with 26 premises and an additional building is planned for. Therefore, for Smart Yta it was very important to collaborate with suppliers who offer high quality throughout the entire process and products that last for a long time to come.

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At Alexander and Philip Malmnäs in the idyllic Lilla Hårsabäcks Gård outside of Våxtorp, you will feel right at home. When they moved here in 2008, the plan was to invest in dairy cattle, which they did for the first seven years.

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Däckcenter in Anderstorp was founded in 1970 by Anders Åstmar, but has been owned by his son Henrik since 2007. They currently have three employees. At Däckcenter they also have a tyre hotel which currently stores tyres for some 900 cars. The premises were built in 1982, with doors from EAB, two manual inward opening folding doors with sheet plate cladding. The installed doors were unusually large for the time, 3.6 metres wide and approximately 5 metres high. Today, they have proved to be the perfect dimensions to also be able to drive in modern lorries, which are considerably higher than those back in the 80’s.

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ellos logist center 1

The Ellos Group is a leading Nordic e-commerce group within the fashion and home furnishing sectors, with e-commerce sites Ellos, Jotex, Stayhard and Homeroom. With its headquarters in Borås, the company has its roots deep in the heart of the Swedish textile industry.

The Ellos Group was founded in 1947 by businessman Olle Blomqvist and its first post order catalogue was sent out back in 1953. Ellos was even a pioneer in digital solutions and its first online shopping solution was launched in 1999.

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