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Learn how to optimize and up to double your storage space

Radioshuttle® is the semi automated pallet management system and may just be EAB's most appreciated solution. Unlike other deep stacking pallet racking systems where you need to drive into the racking system with the forklift, our shuttle will retrieve or leave the desired pallet. The system allows you to fully use your warehouse volume, in all temperature zones from -30°C to +40°C. We’re now having our sixth generation of Radioshuttle® , a global success which is used in over 2000 installations worldwide.

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Reference case

Here are some of the most recent solutions we have supplied to our customers. Perhaps you will find some inspiration for your future projects?

– In addition to EAB being a reliable partner in terms of delivery times and quality, flexibility is an important part of the cooperation. There are always challenges along the way, so it’s important to have a partner who sees opportunities and is always there when needed. As a contract logistician our ambition is to…
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“This is a turnkey contract carried out in partnership between NCC and RJL Tågdepån Nässjö AB. It’s always a pleasure to work with EAB. You consistently maintain a high quality when it comes to execution, you are service-minded and have great integrity in what you do. We wanted a ramp door, and since we bought…
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Anti-collapse design shows strength in the event of a collision Shortly after the final installation was done, the safety of the pallet racking was tested in live mode. One of the warehouse’s experienced lorry drivers drove into one of the rows of pallet racks at high speed. This type of accident could have had major…
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– Zinkteknik and EAB are loyal partners. We have been working together since our first construction project in 1990 and in this project EAB has also delivered what was promised.  Niclas Svensson, CEO and co-owner, Zinkteknik – Zinkteknik has been an exciting and extensive project! You could say that we have done it in three different…
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Cape Town, South Africa EAB

AKS Lining Systems is a company with excellent growth and is in Cape Town, South Africa. They manufacture thermoplastic casting accessories in their own factory and currently export their product to more than 30 countries around the world.

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En god grannsämja
When it was time for GA Industri in Smålandsstenar to expand its loading area, they took their order and walked over to their neighbour. Well, almost. After a nearly 30-year collaboration that works both ways, they share more than just an address. Instead of a smaller canopy, as before, there will now be two. A…
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“Choosing EAB was not difficult, you were actually the only ones who could supply such large doors! We are incredibly happy that it turned out that way, this has worked fantastically with everything from salespeople to installers. We are very happy” Lasse Heggum, Production Manager at Brixly AB.
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ellos logist center 1

The Ellos Group is a leading Nordic e-commerce group within the fashion and home furnishing sectors, with e-commerce sites Ellos, Jotex, Stayhard and Homeroom. With its headquarters in Borås, the company has its roots deep in the heart of the Swedish textile industry.

The Ellos Group was founded in 1947 by businessman Olle Blomqvist and its first post order catalogue was sent out back in 1953. Ellos was even a pioneer in digital solutions and its first online shopping solution was launched in 1999.

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About EAB

EAB is a global industry leader in providing warehouse storage solutions, doors and steel buildings. Although we have a global presence, we remain a down-to-earth family company with our headquarters, production facility and product development department located in Smålandsstenar, Sweden.

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Built to last® summarises the way we think and work here at EAB, it is our promise to our customers, employees, suppliers and collaborative partners.

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latest news

Fully automated production facility with zero-defect vision

– In one year, at full capacity, the deliveries can cover more than half of all new car registrations in Sweden. Achieving this with a traditional, non-automated setup would require significantly more space and between 100 and 150 people. Today, there are only 24 employees at the factory, says David Ackeby, Plant General Manager at…

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EAB takes another step towards a more sustainable futureby using emission-free steel for profile product

Steel has a place in the future “At EAB, we are convinced that steel will continue to have a place as a construction material in the future. As a major buyer of steel, we want to take our responsibility by driving and taking an active part in the development of fossil-free alternatives. We do this…

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Newly installed solar power plant

Our newly installed solar power plant is estimated to produce 795,000 kWh per year and will result in reducing our CO2 emissions by approximately 400 tons per year. An average-sized, electrically heated villa consumes on average 20,000 kWh per year – so our facility is calculated to produce as much energy as 40 such houses…

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