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In our products

EAB’s products are the result of an in-house developed concept, which includes the entire process, from selecting materials to installing the finished product. EAB’s Engineering Principles play an important role in this concept.

Learn more about EAB’s Engineering Principles

In the long term

It begins as an idea, grows to a vision, results in a drawing, a design, a building and a commercial-ready solution at your company. Once your idea becomes a reality, a reality that lasts for many years to come, EAB will remain by your side every step of the way.

In relationships

Through mutual commitment, responsiveness, flexibility and quality requirements, we look after our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and the world around us.

In time

At EAB, we always think in the long-term when we invest, begin collaborations, build, employ, or begin something new where we are the consignor.

In the environment

Through the vert high recycling rate of our material, our processes and the way we work, we act on the basis of a circular economy – all to consume less of our earth’s resources and reduce our waste. The future begins in the present and we must therefore always be a responsible company and a sound role model.

EAB Sustainability Book

Built to Last®. This says it all about how we think and how we act here at EAB. This is our promise to our customers, but also our promise to our employees, suppliers and to everyone who has a relationship with us one way or another.

Read EAB’s Sustainability Book here.