Welcome to EAB

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EAB is a family-owned company based in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. We operate within three product areas: storage equipment, doors and steel buildings. All construction, production and development takes place in Smålandsstenar, but nowadays we serve the global market. We hope you enjoy the experience you have of our company – whether you are a customer, supplier or employee.

Our business concept

EAB aims to be passionate in its entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to selling, constructing, manufacturing and assembling storage equipment, doors and steel buildings adapted to meet our customer's specific requirements, at a recognised quality level. The customer is king, and must go away satisfied


EAB aims to be the customer's go-to choice when they are looking for storage equipment, doors and steel buildings. We also aim to be the best place to work in the region.  

Our mission
EAB's mission is for every customer to go away a satisfied customer, and for every employee to be a satisfied employee. 

Our values

EAB's values are based on the following:

Adapting to the customer

The customer's wishes and problems are the focus of our product development and our conduct at alltimes. 

100% commitment, from the first contact to the signed off project, must be the hallmark of EAB's collaboration with the customer at all times. This dedication must also be shown to our employees and suppliers. A horizontal hierarchy within the organisation, together with a high amount of employee responsibility, makes this possible.

Adapting to the customer and dedication to the job require certain expertise. With a broad range of experience over many years plus ongoing professional training within the company, EAB ensures that all of its employees have a high level of expertise. 

What EAB makes and sells must always have a reputation for quality. In other words, quality is the sum of us adapting to the customer, our dedication and our expertise.

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