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Mats Carlsson

Business Unit Director, Storage equipment
+46 371-340 50
+46 70-590 15 12

Viktor Sochůrek

Managing Director, EAB Czechia
+420 602 532 038

Mikael Pernefors

Director, International Sales
+46 371-340 51
+46 70-553 04 40

Håkan Gedda

Area Sales & Project Manager, Storage equipment
+46 371-340 75
+46 70-343 41 31

Anton Andersson

Application & Design Manager/Area Sales Manager Radioshuttle
+46 371-341 20
+46 72 - 744 44 44

Daniel Eliasson

Team Leader Storage Equipment
+46 371-340 77
+46 70-258 70 59

Runar Bøe

Managing Director, EAB Norway
+47 66 77 83 51
+47 905 73 686

Mika Eerikäinen

Managing Director, EAB Finland
+358 9-4520 170
+358 40-510 9566

Lars Jacobsen

Managing Director, EAB Denmark

Peter McCarthy

Managing Director, EAB North America
+1 905 570 5200
+1 905 570 5200

Ferry Schoenmakers

Managing Director, EAB Holland
+31 182 640 423
+31 622 376 986

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Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions we get about our storage equipment.

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Can I buy directly from EAB?

Of course! Please contact one of our salespersons for more information.

Can EAB manufacture custom materials?

Absolutely! We manufacture all materials at our factory in Smålandsstenar, which allows us to customise materials to suit the needs of our customers.

Is it possible to have a salesperson from EAB pay me a personal visit?

Yes, we have many competent salespeople and project managers who would be more than happy to visit your facility.

Can I get help with drawing my warehouse?

Absolutely, we use professional drawing tools and would be happy to draw your warehouse to give you a clearer overview of the delivery.

Can I get help with installation?

Yes, we offer installation for all types of warehouse storage solutions.

Can I supplement older EAB pallet racking?

Yes, you can certainly supplement older pallet racking.

Reference case

Here you can see some of our most recent storage equipment assignments.

ellos logist center 1

The Ellos Group is a leading Nordic e-commerce group within the fashion and home furnishing sectors, with e-commerce sites Ellos, Jotex, Stayhard and Homeroom. With its headquarters in Borås, the company has its roots deep in the heart of the Swedish textile industry.

The Ellos Group was founded in 1947 by businessman Olle Blomqvist and its first post order catalogue was sent out back in 1953. Ellos was even a pioneer in digital solutions and its first online shopping solution was launched in 1999.

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EAB Built to last when swedish orignals meet

LOHILO Foods has produced ice cream under the brand name Alvestaglass since 1979. The company has gone from only operating on a local level around the town of Alvesta in the region of Småland, to becoming a strong and popular brand among Swedish ice cream lovers. But the saga does not end there. Because in recent years they have started new and healthier alternatives, which are selling quite well both internationally and among modern health-conscious consumers.

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Because of its products, Oatly has warehouses that include refrigeration and freezer warehouses so they obviously need warehouse solutions that work in these temperature ranges.

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