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EAB hyllställ och lagerhyllor


EAB’s shelving system is extremely stable, without fail. It does not move back and forth or sideways. Bracket plates stabilise the frame through the underframe, shelf clips fix the shelf in the correct position and lengthwise box profiles provide excellent bearing capacity with minimal shelf deflection.

The shelving meets all safety requirements in the Nordic standard INSTA 251, Swedish standard SS 2241 and the European standard EN-15635.

EAB hyllor för lager och hyllsystem


EAB’s shelving can be supplied with different shelving depths, at different frame heights and with open or closed frames and backs. It is a stable solution for both a small storage area as well as a large picking warehouse.

EAB hyllor för lager och hyllsystem


Do you have a high ceiling? One of the many options with our shelving system is to build high narrow aisles where goods are picked using a picking truck. Thus, allowing you to maximise the use of your ceiling height.

EAB mobila och rörliga hyllor för lager och lagerhyllor


Shelving fitted on mobile carts enables compact storage as well as providing high accessibility. The carts operate on rails and are easy to operate with a steering wheel drive.

Ett extra plan med entresol på lagerhyllor


Another alternative for using the ceiling height is to build a mezzanine, thus obtaining an additional floor level. A birch plywood floor or laminated flooring is built on top of the shelving, plus a railing that makes it a safe workplace. You can also place additional shelving on the floor or stack goods freely, a very economical way of doubling your warehouse area.





EAB hyllplan med nät och galler
Lagerhylla med dörrar, utdragslåda och avdelare
EAB har höga hyllsystem för att utnyttja höjden maximalt
Flexibla lagerhyllor med avdelare
EAB_slutbild_ingenlogga-Frontendhigh built to last

Made in Smålandsstenar, Sweden

All design, production and development take place under our own roof in Smålandsstenar. This allows us to fully adapt dimensions, appearances and automatics to suit your specific circumstances.

Built to Last®

Built to Last is the promise we give our customers, employees, suppliers and collaborative partners about the solid construction of our products.

Read more about our promise: Built to Last®

Engineering Principles

EAB’s Engineering Principles describe in detail what makes the solutions last from a long-term perspective.

Read about why our products last

Warehouse safety

At EAB, safety is present from the project start and ensures that the warehouse becomes a workplace what is as safe and sustainable as possible.

Read more about warehouse safety


Technical details - Modular shelving
A - Height of frame2000, 2500, 3000 mm
B - Depth of shelf300, 400, 500, 600 mm
C Starter bay width1060 mm (at shelf width 1000 mm)
D Extension bay1010 mm (at shelf width 1000 mm)
Shelf, width / max load750, 1000 mm200 kg, evenly distributed
Shelf, width / max load1300 mm120 kg, evenly distributed
Shelf, height30 mm
Max load per bay1500 kg with standard bracing
SIde panelH: 2000, 2500, 3000 mm
Back panelH: 2000, 2500, 3000 mm
DividerH: 200 mm
Base plinthH: 40 mm
FrontH: 55 mm
Door sectionH x B: 2000 x 1000 mm
DrawerH x L x D: 95 x 915 x 400/500 mm
EAB Legborden
Nordic and European Standards

EAB’s shelving units comply with all safety requirements in the Nordic Standard INSTA 251, Swedish Standard SS 2241, and the European Standard EN-15635.

Surface treatments

Shelving units are supplied in galvanised or painted using polyester paint in a light grey colour. Posts are painted dark grey. Frame covers, back covers and dividers are painted light grey. Frame braces, base plinths and front/back stops are galvanised.

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