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Pallet stop EAB

Pallet stops

EAB’s pallet stop allows you to prevent the risk of the pallet being pushed in too far and then falling down between the upright frames or pushing out a pallet that is behind. Pallet are available in both vertical and horizontal versions.

Mann sjekker sikkerheten på et lager i et stålbygg

A safe workplace

With our extensive and broad experience we are well-versed in the applicable requirements in current laws and regulations: Please contact us if you need advice and information concerning safety and protection in your warehouse.

Safety in the warehouse
EAB fabrik

Made in Smålandsstenar, Sweden

All design, production and development take place under our own roof in Smålandsstenar. This allows us to fully adapt dimensions, appearances and automatics to suit your specific circumstances.

Built to Last®

Built to Last is the promise we give our customers, employees, suppliers and collaborative partners about the solid construction of our products.

Read more about our promise: Built to Last®

Engineering Principles

EAB’s Engineering Principles describe in detail what makes the solutions last from a long-term perspective.

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Warehouse safety

At EAB, safety is present from the project start and ensures that the warehouse becomes a workplace what is as safe and sustainable as possible.

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Storage equipment guidance

Mats Carlsson

Business Unit Director, Storage equipment
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Mikael Pernefors

Director, International Sales
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Håkan Gedda

Area Sales & Project Manager, Storage equipment
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