Cubic drive-in pallet racking

EAB’s Cubic Drive-In pallet racking system gives you a higher utilisation rate of up to 80% of your warehouse area, because the full cubic meter are used for storage. Drive in racking is built to the FILO principle and pallets are loaded top down in accordance to first in, last out.


The bracket is attached to the post using bolts, which provides a very strong attachment The pallet support hooks onto the bracket and is locked in place using bolts on both the top and bottom.


A guide that facilitates placement of the pallet, while protecting the front of the pallet support is available as an option. The guide is attached to the front bracket.


Pallet supports, and brackets are adapted to suit different amounts of load overhang. The pallet support is designed so that the pallet is automatically positioned in the right location.


Drive-in pallet racking is a type of manual pallet handling for large volumes of goods. Handling is somewhat more time consuming than conveyors and Radioshuttle but is just as area efficient. Its simplicity means it is highly cost-effective.

A reinforced bottom profile with guide for forklift trucks is available as an option. The bottom profile is used for protecting the racking posts against impact.


EAB’s Cubic drive-in pallet racking means you can store goods on pallets with a utilisation rate of up to 80 % of the warehouse area. Both the use of the floor area and ceiling height are maximised. Pallets are managed from the long side in accordance with the first-in, last-out principle.

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European Standard

EAB’s Cubic drive-in pallet racking meets all safety requirements in the Nordic standard INSTA 252 and Swedish standard SS 2644. All brackets are screwed to the post and stabilised using braces fitted to both the back and the top.

A guide that facilitates placement of the pallet, while protecting the pallet support against impact is available as an option. The guide is attached to the front bracket.

Surface treatments

Posts and braces are galvanised. Sleeve footplates and bottom profiles are lacquered. Orange is the standard colour. Pallet supports, brackets and top profiles are galvanised.

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