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1 – Steel frame
2 – Foundation elements
3 – Joists
4 – Wall elements
5 – Windows/Entrance sections/Doors
6 – Roof construction
7 – Roof cover and drainage system

The steel frame is our main product. All load bearing elements included in the structure, such as roof trusses, pillars, beams, and other iron work, are constructed to suit our customers’ requirements and specifications. They are unique to every project.

To protect the facade we can supply insulated or uninsulated concrete elements at different heights, according to your specifications.

Depending on the area of use, we offer different types of joists such as self-supporting sheeting with flooring panel, prefabricated concrete joists or a Combi Deck joist.

We can supply prefabricated steel or concrete sandwich elements, or alternatively traditional walls made from lightweight joists and profiled sheet. We supply walls with or without insulation according to your specific requirements. We produce sheet iron moulding in-house and walls can also be produced fire classed. The options for appearance and colours are almost endless.

We offer frame additions in the facade in the form of doors, and window sections made from different materials. We develop and design steel sections ourselves, so you have many options when it comes to design, colour and shape.

In normal cases the roof forms part of the frame as we use it for stabilisation. Depending on the frame areas of use and size we can offer different types of roof constructions. We normally use cantilever, high profiled sheet, but in uninsulated roofs there is also the option to use lightweight joists and different types of profiled sheet and different colours.

With help from our collaborative partners we can insulate the roof to suit your needs and requirements. We will also help you with a complete external roof drainage system if needed.


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