It all started with a banister...

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The EAB story began in the 1950s. This story is one of entrepreneurship, a desire to build something lasting, and great regard for the welfare of both the worker and the customer.

The founder of EAB, Erik Andersson, got a job as a joiner at Anton Svensson's building firm in Smålandsstenar in 1953. Doing this work, Erik discovered that there were not any local manufacturers of wrought iron banisters. He slowly but surely started producing his own at home in the cellar. The banister designs were based on Erik's own ideas and completed using the knowledge he had picked up watching others.

The result exceeded all expectations and after just one year, Erik asked his firm for time off in order to start working on his own projects full-time. At the beginning, the business primarily targeted building firms. The company was christened 'Erik Anderssons Byggnadssmide' (Erik Andersson's Structural Ironworks) in 1957.

Industrial doors and complete steel structures

When it became time to expand the company in 1969, both steel frames and doors were needed. Instead of buying these in, we were of course able to make them ourselves, which prompted two completely new product groups within EAB, Steel buildings and Industrial doors. These worked well with both the machinery and the industry expertise we had.

Storage equipment

In 1984, storage equipment production was added to the mix. For the first time ever, this meant we could offer our customers complete storage buildings to include interior fittings.

A new generation

In 1984, Erik Andersson's children Catrine, Sven-Gunnar and Per-Åke took over the company. Per-Åke and Sven-Gunnar became the sole owners of EAB in 1997, changing the name of the company to EAB AB.

Move to current location

In 1989, EAB relocated to its current base, which comprises offices, warehouses and a production centre. This was financed by the company's own funds, which is a typical financial arrangement for us at EAB. Doing this ensures that product development is still able to take place at EAB today.

Investment in employees

EAB has been extended twice, in 1997 and 2005, since relocation to the new building in 1989. In addition, the offices, canteen and staff areas were fully renovated in 2004. The renovation process also saw the construction of a complete health and recreation department.