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EAB’s storage equipment are manufactured in our own factory in Smålandsstenar, which means that we can offer fast and punctual delivery. After many years in the industry, EAB has built up a high level of knowledge and experience within warehouses and logistics, which we will gladly share with you from the start of the layout phase for your new warehouse. Our wide range of products makes it easy to adapt and optimise the warehouse to suit your specific requirements.

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When we do a new project, we want to be part of the entire journey, from needs analysis and ideas until the pallet racking is in place.

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Projektering Inspection of your pallet racking

Your pallet racking must undergo an inspection by a technically qualified/competent person at least once per year. EAB offers inspections for all completed installations.

Inspection of pallet racking

“There was nothing from EAB that didn’t turn out well” 

Paulig is a family-owned food company looking to create a new food culture that is sustainable for both humankind and the planet. Paulig offers flavours in all forms: coffee and other drinks, Tex Mex and spices, snacks and plant-based options. The company’s brands are Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Liven and Poco Loco. Radioshuttle® lifts taco…

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“It is important with a supplier that has a true commitment”

– We are so happy with the cooperation with Jens and EAB. It was very important for us with a supplier that has a true commitment for the project and to have a personal collaboration that brings the expertise that we did not have internally. Jens is very proficient and has made an amazing work together…

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Lars Endrup Jacobsen new MD for EAB Denmark

EAB is pleased to announce that Lars Endrup Jacobsen will take over as the new MD of the subsidiary EAB Lagerindretningar A / S. In his role as MD, Lars will have a strategic responsibility for the company’s development in the Danish market and above all have a major operational responsibility in sales, marketing and project management. For EAB, this recruitment means a large investment in the Danish market, where the company sees great potential for growth.

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