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Together with our patented pallet shuttle system Radioshuttle™, we are now taking another step towards a more sustainable future. In March, we start delivering machine chassis made of the emission-free steel SSAB Zero® to minimize our climate footprint.

“We have been working closely with SSAB for a long time and have had a dialogue in which we have made clear our desire to implement fossil-free steel in our products as soon as the opportunity arises. One step on the journey to fossil-free steel from the mine is their SSAB Zero®, which we will now use for the machine chassis in our Radioshuttle™ pallet shuttle system”, says Per-Åke Andersson, CEO EAB.

SSAB Zero® is a fossil carbon emission-free steel based on recycled steel and produced using fossil-free energy, without carbon emission offsetting and mass balancing allocation of emission reductions.

Steel has a place in the future

“At EAB, we are convinced that steel will continue to have a place as a construction material in the future. As a major buyer of steel, we want to take our responsibility by driving and taking an active part in the development of fossil-free alternatives. We do this partly by making demands on our suppliers and partly by raising awareness and knowledge levels both internally at EAB and among our customers. It is about dedicated cooperation at all levels.”

Pallet shuttle system with sustainability features

The choice to let Radioshuttle™ be the first to have machine chassis manufactured in the emission-free steel knows this system is one of EAB’s main profile products and the system that has made EAB successful, not least in the international market.

“We currently sell our Radioshuttle™ system to customers all over the world. It is a completely proprietary and patented pallet shuttle system that utilizes the full volume of the warehouse space in all temperature zones. The semi-automated system is created with sustainability overtones as the purpose is to optimize the customer’s storage area and thus reduce, among other things, energy consumption, which is of great importance in cold and freezer warehouses. The working environment is also improved where this system is used. Being able to add another sustainability factor by delivering the actual chassis for the machine in an emission-free steel from SSAB shows that we in Sweden are driving development forward. Thus, it has both a concrete and a symbolic value in our intention to take the steel into the future with the goal of 0 in terms of carbon footprint.” 


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