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When we began building our brand it was centred around the key words Built to Last®. (the latter on all markets outside of Sweden). It is a brand promise that we give to our customers and it is one that we continuously strive to fulfil in different ways. Built to Last® is a registered trademark in Sweden and is owned by EAB.

EAB has a lot to offer under the Built to Last® umbrella, not least, when it comes to relationships and our promise, but we would also like to explain in detail why our solutions last. Therefore, we have developed EAB Engineering Principles.

Facts and explanations

Engineering Principles™ is a concept that describes our way of thinking, down to a part level, where design and sustainability are concerned. The document contains facts and explanations with respect to the principles, laws and rules we always follow when we design and manufacturer our warehouse storage solutions, doors and steel buildings.

Sustainability over time

This is a way for us to explain why EAB’s products stand out from the rest, and why we can guarantee sustainability. But, above all, this is so that you, our customer, can feel secure and receive a product solution that works just as well in many years to come as it did from day one. It is about safety, but it also means the solution is a sound investment from a cost perspective.

Over EAB built to last

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