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Our customer promise

Customers must be able to feel they are in safe hands when it comes to our expertise and our extensive experience. Therefore, we choose not to supply goods or services we are unsure about. We must know the goods and services are able to handle the conditions they are used in. We must be flexible, fast and maintain good profitability, but not in such a way that it negatively impacts the goods and services we have promised our customer.

Employee responsibility

EAB will support the development of its employees so that everyone knows what is required from a task and can ensure it is done right, both the first time and every time. Any errors and defects must be dealt with openly and must always lead to improvements.

We comply with all current standards

EAB complies with all current European standards and norms for construction and manufacturing warehouse storage solutions. For supporting structures in buildings, we supply, we are certified in accordance with SS-EN 1090 and have a Sweden Certified Steel Structural Engineer. You are welcome to read more about EAB’s Engineering Principles, for background information about how we build and the way we think to guarantee sustainability and ensure quality is maintained throughout all stages.

EAB Sustainability Book

Built to Last®. This says it all about how we think and how we act here at EAB. This is our promise to our customers, but also our promise to our employees, suppliers and to everyone who has a relationship with us one way or another.

Read EAB’s Sustainability Book here.