Our Quality Policy

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EAB AB works in sectors where the ability to meet the needs and requirements, explicit or implied, of customers and authorities is a prerequisite for success. To ensure this ability is kept in the long term, EAB's goods and services must come out on top when the customer is weighing up their qualities, cost, delivery time, etc. Each shipment should be a recommendation for future business.

Our promise to customers

Customers should feel confident about our expertise and lengthy experience. For this very reason, we will not supply goods or services if we are not sure whether they will work in the conditions they are supposed to. We want our business to be flexible, fast and highly profitable, but not in a way that will be detrimental to goods and services promised to the customer.

Employee responsibility

EAB aims to support the development of its employees so that everyone knows what is required from a task and can make sure it is executed correctly the first time and every time. Any errors or shortcomings are to be dealt with openly and should always lead to improvements.

All current standards are met
EAB fulfils the requirements of all standards currently applicable in Europe for construction and manufacturing of storage equipment. 

You can read more about EAB's Engineering Principles  for background information about our construction methods and approach.