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Find a door that lasts for you

Industry doors from EAB is well known for their durable construction, day in and day out, and their long sustainability. The concept of success is built and based on a solid ground construction. With galvanized and welded details the door requires minimal maintenance and service - in other words a long-term investment.

Find the door for you

Get inspired and find a door for you

At EAB we offer completely tailored and custom-made doors, that means that you have the opportunity to adapt your doors entirely based on your preferences and needs. Here you can be inspired and see some of the opportunities availalbe for you to choose your door.

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Customize a door that lasts for you

The possibility with customized doors are infinite. Build your door based on your own preferences and need and create something extraordinary.

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“When quality counts” and values meet

The choices are endless with a door from EAB, and with a fully glazed door, so is the view. Divanti replaced the previous EAB-door in the building, with a new glazed folding door with a wicket door . For the exterior of the door the customer wanted a special green color, similar to the color…

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EAB Doors is growing and strengthening the organisation with a new Business Unit Director

EAB Doors, which has developed, manufactured and assembled custom-made doors since the early 1970s, has had a very good development since the start. It has continued even during this last year, when important market shares were taken and there was a large increase in sales. To strengthen the organization, Kajsa Andersson is now taking over as the new Business Unit Director for EAB Doors.

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“What a boost for our farm!”

Komstagården is located in the small village of Gärsnäs in Österlen. Komstagården is a farm with some 400 dairy cows, which is operated by Roland and Eva.  I höstas levererade vi sex helglasade portar till deras gård, varav en var maskindriven. Den maskindrivna porten mätte hela 6700mm x 4700mm och pryder nu deras ladugård.

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