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Security doors

EAB’s security doors are very durable and secure hot dip zinc galvanised steel doors, manufactured from square profiles with groove for draught stripping. We manufacture your security door solely according to your specifications and they are available in class 2, class 3 and class 4. Just like all of EAB’s doors, our security doors and doors also have a 10-year guarantee.


The door frame is manufactured from hot dip galvanised square profile. The door cladding consists of hot dip galvanised steel sheet, which is also available in our standard colours. The door is fitted with rear security pins and can be supplemented with door closers.


Because we carry out our own manufacturing we build your security door and security gate completely according to your specifications. The door cladding is available in any of our standard colours.


We know that our doors last and that they deliver what we promise. This is why a 10-year guarantee is always included regardless of the solution you choose.

Three classes of burglary protection

EAB security doors fulfil the requirements in burglary protection classes RC2, RC3 and RC4 in accordance with SS-EN 1627. For RC2 and RC3, 1 x ASSA 410-50 lock housing is included excluding cylinder and including the handle. For RC4, 1 x ASSA 410-50 lock housing is included excluding cylinder and 1 lock housing ASSA 411-50 excluding cylinder, including the handle. The lock housing must be fitted with a round security cylinder both to the exterior and interior.

What colour suits you?

A secure door does not have to mean that you compromise on
appearance. Choose one of our standard colors and your building will get a new look.




Door leaves and cladding

The frames on our fire doors are comprised of welded, galvanised square profiles and are clad with hot dip galvanised or polyester lacquered profiled steel sheet.

Choose your insulation

Our security doors have intermediated insulation made of cellplast, with or without cold bridge.

Choose surface treatment for your security door

EAB offers three types of surface treatment for your security door:

  • Option 1: Hot dip galvanised door leaf frame and aluzink cladding.
  • Option 2: Hot dip galvanised door leaf frame with polyester lacquered steel sheet cladding as per separate range of colours.
  • Option 3: Paint treatment on hot dip galvanised door leaf frame and steel sheet cladding as per separate paint program.

Door plus – For more options

When you turn to EAB, you will not receive just a door or a door solution. We will help you every step of the way, from concept to fully assembled product, and with a design team and production line under one roof, you will receive the utmost flexibility when it comes to the door design. We call this Door Plus.

Read more about Door Plus
  • Design and options
  • Service and speed
  • Long durability for Nordic climate
  • Safety and function
  • Maximum dimensions

Built to Last®

Built to Last is the promise we give our customers, employees, suppliers and collaborative partners about the solid construction of our products.

Read more about our promise: Built to Last®

Engineering Principles

EAB’s Engineering Principles describe in detail what makes the solutions last from a long-term perspective.

Read more about why our products last


EAB is certified in accordance with SS-EN 1090-1 and thus fulfils the performance requirements for steel structures. EAB is also certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Reference case

EAB was part of Smart Ytas establishment journey from the start. A journey that began nearly two years ago. Things moved very fast from there. Nine months after the first ground was broken on the first building the premises were sold and ready for occupation. The company has now built a total of three properties, each with 26 premises and an additional building is planned for. Therefore, for Smart Yta it was very important to collaborate with suppliers who offer high quality throughout the entire process and products that last for a long time to come.

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At Alexander and Philip Malmnäs in the idyllic Lilla Hårsabäcks Gård outside of Våxtorp, you will feel right at home. When they moved here in 2008, the plan was to invest in dairy cattle, which they did for the first seven years.

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Däckcenter in Anderstorp was founded in 1970 by Anders Åstmar, but has been owned by his son Henrik since 2007. They currently have three employees. At Däckcenter they also have a tyre hotel which currently stores tyres for some 900 cars. The premises were built in 1982, with doors from EAB, two manual inward opening folding doors with sheet plate cladding. The installed doors were unusually large for the time, 3.6 metres wide and approximately 5 metres high. Today, they have proved to be the perfect dimensions to also be able to drive in modern lorries, which are considerably higher than those back in the 80’s.

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With our extensive experience from all types of doors we would be pleased to help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.

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