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Waste and source separation

The amount of waste must be reduced, and source separation must be conducted when possible. We must strive to reduce and, if possible, eliminate environmental pollution by further developing and maintaining our manufacturing processes.

Legislation and regulations

Applicable legislation and regulations must be followed and an open attitude towards the public and the authorities must be maintained.

Materials, surface treatment and processes

The environmental impact of our products will be minimised during their lifespan by choosing materials and surface treatments from an environmentally conscious perspective. Processes and environmental work shall be reviewed alongside other requirements when selecting and evaluating suppliers.

Utilisation of machinery and materials must be optimised and streamlined to reduce material and energy consumption. The company will strive to use the least number of resources possible when choosing packaging and transport.

EAB Sustainability Book

Built to Last®. This says it all about how we think and how we act here at EAB. This is our promise to our customers, but also our promise to our employees, suppliers and to everyone who has a relationship with us one way or another.

Read EAB’s Sustainability Book here.