Our environmental policy

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EAB AB supplies products which, thanks to their design and long lifespan, are economical in their use of resources and help to prevent pollution. We also aim to contribute to sustainable development by minimising the impact our operations have on the environment, both locally and globally. This will be achieved via ongoing improvement founded on the commitment and motivation of all staff. 

Waste and sorting of waste
The amount of waste should be reduced and waste sorted where possible. We should strive to reduce and, if possible, avoid all pollution of the environment via further development and maintenance of our manufacturing processes.

Rules and regulations
Current rules and regulations should be observed and an open mind kept in terms of the public and authorities.

Materials, surface treatment, processes

The environmental impact of the products during their lifetime is to be minimised by choosing materials and surface treatment techniques with the environment in mind. Processes and environmental work should be reviewed alongside other requirements when selecting and evaluating suppliers.

Utilisation of machinery and materials must be optimised and streamlined to minimise the need for materials and energy. The company will try to use as few resources as possible when choosing packaging and transport.

Sustainability presentation
Built to last. says everything about how we think and act here at EAB. It's a promise we make to our customers, but also to our employees, suppliers and anyone else connected to us.

Read our Sustainability presentation here

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