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With a new logistics centre at Viared in Borås, Ellos gathers the majority of its Ellos Home business, their own home furnishings and textile brand, in one location and moves from four smaller warehouses to one large warehouse. In addition to its warehouse, the company has also opened up an outlet shop on the premises. At EAB, we are happy and proud to have been able to supply steel frames, warehouse storage solutions and security doors to the new logistics centre.

The perfect solution

EAB has supplied frames, walls and a roofing to the almost 30,000 m² building. The property has an interior clearance of 10 metres, and they have built the property with the future in mind. The northern frame is already pre-prepared for extension. We have also supplied a balcony, columns and steel sheet for the external Ellos Outlet shop. For frames with the associated deliveries, it is the building and property development company Bockasjö who is the client.

Jonatan Eriksson_svartvit


“This project has really been special to me because it is the first logistics building I have designed on my own. This building is almost twice the size of those I have previously designed together with my colleagues. During the design phase it is easy to get tunnel vision and at the time I was most preoccupied with continuing to produce and moving forward with the project. “Despite being on site several times during the building phase, it was first during the inspection and the period after this that I actually realised what a massive project it was. A very fun project with a many new challenges and lessons learned,” says Jonatan.


In addition to the steel frames, EAB has also supplied warehouse storage solutions for Ellos’ new logistics centre.

”I have worked with Ellos for many years and we have been one of their major suppliers for a long time. This is a very nice and modern facility, with many special solutions because they have many pallets containing furniture and textiles. These are often extra-long and become much easier to handle with adapted pallet racking. We are proud to have once again supplied a large number of warehouse storage systems to Ellos in Borås,” states Jörgen Svensson, Salesperson for Warehouse Storage Solutions at EAB.

Ellos not only stores items on pallets. They also have large numbers of boxes at their warehouse. This is why this has a large number of mesh shelves fitted so the sprinkler system can function optimally in case of a fire.


“We actually have Ellos to thank because we began supplying mesh shelves from the beginning. When initial contact was made with Ellos at the start of our relationship they included the mesh shelves in their tender enquiry and when we were able to supply these it became the start of a long and positive collaboration. As always, we are concerned with developing the best solution together with our customer and we really hit the mark in this case,” states Jörgen.

Thanks to a 5000 m² mezzanine solution, the space in the property could be optimally utilised and there was space for an additional 10 rows of pallet and shelving space. The total delivery has given Ellos approximately 32,000 pallet spaces.

Diversity in all business areas
The building also has 13 security doors from our door department. We are happy to have had the opportunity to deliver such a diverse project as this, with components from all three of our business areas.

ellos logist center 1


The Ellos Group is a leading Nordic e-commerce group which includes companies Ellos, Jotex, Stayhard and Homeroom. The company works closely with its millions of customers, and constantly strives to develop and offer attractive fashion and household items for the entire family. At the Ellos Group the customer is always in focus. The Ellos Group, with its head office in Borås, operates in all the Nordic countries. The Ellos Group has approximately 550 employees and an annual turnover of around SEK 2.6 billion.


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