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New depot and new trains. The initiative in Region Jönköping is proceeding smoothly towards the regional goal of doubling rail travel by 2035. The new train depot in Nässjö will be completed in the second half of 2023 and construction is in full swing. EAB is proud to have supplied doors for this unique project.

The new Krösa trains and the new train depot are the biggest investment in train traffic in Jönköping County in modern times. The depot occupies about 35 ,000 mand will include four workshop tracks, a washing track, two cleaning platforms, warehouse, workshop, office and staff areas

– We have supplied the doors to the depot, which has been a very fun project. It’s always fun when there’s a bit of customisation involved! “We operate in Jönköping County and will see the effect of this construction firsthand,” says Niklas Videll, sales manager and project manager at EAB Portar.

Important investment for the future

Modernisation of public transport in the region is an important investment for the future and for climate-smart and comfortable travel. 28 new trains have been ordered for the Krösa trains, nine of which will go to Jönköping County. Most are electrically powered, but some can also run on fossil-free fuel. Ten of the existing trains will remain in service. Since the new trains are longer than the current ones, the old train depot is simply no longer sufficient to accommodate all the technical equipment.

“This is a turnkey contract carried out in partnership between NCC and RJL Tågdepån Nässjö AB. It’s always a pleasure to work with EAB. You consistently maintain a high quality when it comes to execution, you are service-minded and have great integrity in what you do. We wanted a ramp door, and since we bought your doors for previous projects and know that you keep what you promise, you did that and the price was competitive, so the choice was easy”

Linus Greén, Site Manager NCC Sweden, dep. Building Sydost.

Experience with this type of door

All the doors are fully glazed, except the top part. A socket has been adapted for the rail that supplies the train with power. The door comes with a customised frame, where a polycarbonate sheet is fitted over the socket. Once the door is installed, a groove is cut in the plate to ensure the most accurate fit possible.

– We have experience in manufacturing this type of door since before, so it is a proven design that we know works. The polycarbonate plate ensures that the door can never be energised. We have supplied doors for the existing train depot in Nässjö, but also to Gothenburg and Finland, says Niklas.

Of the doors delivered, four are for workshop halls and one to the depot’s washing hall. A door installed in a washing hall places high demands on corrosion protection. The frames of all our doors are made of welded and galvanised square tubes, which are then lightly blasted before painting. This makes them suitable for harsh environments, while giving the customer the opportunity to get the door in exactly the colour they want.


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Niklas Videll

Area Sales & Project Manager, Doors
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