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To be at their customers’ side with a strong local presence and a high level of knowledge is a plan expressed by Derome. The new builder’s merchant in Strömstad is a way of further strengthening the presence in Bohuslän. With the green doors painted in classic Derome green, it is easy to find the right way.

Derome’s premises in Strömstad are newly built and have thus been able to be designed with the goal of simplifying logistics and have been fully adapted based on customers’ needs.

–  The premises are both spacious and fit for purpose. Plus, we also have a true competitive edge with all materials being able to be loaded under the same roof. This makes it smooth and easy to visit us, says Erik Antonsson, Site Manager at Derome in Strömstad.

The machine operated doors are very large, 6,000 x 4,600 mm and painted in Derome’s signature green colour. The doors are controlled via sensors in the ground that open automatically when the customer drives towards them, but they can also be controlled by forklift drivers.

–  One of our strengths is that we deliver doors just as the customer wants them and, in this case, it was both a special size and a unique colour that were requested. The function is also a customised customer solution, with sensors in the ground, explains Mattias Mårtensson, Salesperson and Project Manager at EAB Doors.

Brixly is the builder behind the premises and is strongly represented in the region. Brixly and Derome have a longstanding collaboration, where Brixly has also previously built for Derome and Derome has supplied materials for other Brixly building project.

“Choosing EAB was not difficult, you were actually the only ones who could supply such large doors! We are incredibly happy that it turned out that way, this has worked fantastically with everything from salespeople to installers. We are very happy”

Lasse Heggum, Production Manager at Brixly AB.