Skjutport 001

Minimum maintenance

EAB’s doors have a high level of finish throughout and a very robust design with a small number of moving parts and solid fittings, ensuring a long service life with minimum maintenance.

Steel and glass
Entirely in steel and glass, the "Vision" sliding door is primarily intended for internal industrial environments. Permanently transparent, for fast and safe passage. Thanks to the excellent properties of the insulating glass, the door reduces sound levels by 25 db. 
Glass also has a documented inhibiting effect on collisions.

Silent operation, minimum of maintenance
The small number of moving parts ensures silent operation and a minimum of maintenance. The automatic mechanism is frequency controlled, producing a smooth and fast movement. 

Shorter open time
Programmable half opening for pedestrians and pallet stackers gives a shorter open time, which saves energy and reduces noise.

Skjutport 002