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July 2022

EAB acquires Lecor Stålteknik AB in Kungälv

Per-Åke Andersson, CEO and co-owner of EAB “For a long time, we have had strong growth in our Steel Building business area, with an emphasis on extensive projects, primarily in central warehouses. We are also seeing an increasing geographical spread for our projects. We have expanded our production facilities in Smålandsstenar on several occasions. Still,…

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"Snabba beslut med en lösningsorienterad organisation"

“Quick decisions and a solution-oriented organisation”

Med hjärtat hos träet som råvara, var det först inte självklart att det skulle bli en hall byggd av stål näWith their heart in wood as a raw material, a hall built from steel was not the obvious initial choice when the time came to invest and build anew. When a wash station was to…

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EAB var de enda som kunde leverera det jag ville ha

“EAB were the only ones who could provide us with what we wanted”

— I wanted an all-black, fully glazed door. A black doorjamb, black moulding and black frame. It looks really attractive! EAB were the only ones who could supply the door I wanted, so that made it an easy choice, says David Vojnovic, the owner of Bryte Carwash. Bryte uses market-leading technology to provide a clean…

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“There was nothing from EAB that didn’t turn out well” 

Paulig is a family-owned food company looking to create a new food culture that is sustainable for both humankind and the planet. Paulig offers flavours in all forms: coffee and other drinks, Tex Mex and spices, snacks and plant-based options. The company’s brands are Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Liven and Poco Loco. Radioshuttle® lifts taco…

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EAB acquires assembly company

During the winter, EAB acquired Hallbyggarna Sala, an assembly company whose activities include building industrial halls, warehouses and logistics halls. The company currently consists of 39 employees, including 34 erection workers, all of whom will continue in their existing roles. Per-Åke Andersson, CEO of EAB“Our growth strategy at EAB has performed well, with a noticeable…

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