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December 2021

EAB builds production site for the future of food

– Mycorena has been a very fun project, it’s exciting to be part of a journey with such a innovative and visionary company. It’s always satisfying to be able to deliver solutions that’s a bit out of the box, like in this case their signature green color on the facade. We have delivered plenty of projects…

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“It is important with a supplier that has a true commitment”

– We are so happy with the cooperation with Jens and EAB. It was very important for us with a supplier that has a true commitment for the project and to have a personal collaboration that brings the expertise that we did not have internally. Jens is very proficient and has made an amazing work together…

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“When quality counts” and values meet

The choices are endless with a door from EAB, and with a fully glazed door, so is the view. Divanti replaced the previous EAB-door in the building, with a new glazed folding door with a wicket door . For the exterior of the door the customer wanted a special green color, similar to the color…

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