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Designed, tailormade and made in Smålandsstenar. With the tagline “When quality counts”, was doors from EAB the obvious choice for Divanti, a lifestyle store in Anderstorp, Sweden, that sells high end products to gentlemen, ladies, and home. They moved into their new premises, a former industrial building, in August. After an extensive renovation, industrial history and fashion is now combined and well-preserved details from the former production gives a nice set off to the Italian atmosphere of the store.

The choices are endless with a door from EAB, and with a fully glazed door, so is the view. Divanti replaced the previous EAB-door in the building, with a new glazed folding door with a wicket door . For the exterior of the door the customer wanted a special green color, similar to the color of the windows in the building, and a dark grey color on the interior. In addition to the folding door, we also delivered an entrance door for entering the store, in the same grey color. 
– We had the launch party on a hot summer day, so we had the folding door fully opened to get as much fresh air in as possible. Since that day, everyone has used that door as the entrance instead of the one that was supposed to be! With all facts on hand this is even better, since customers now comes straight into the heart of the store. The contact with the customer is essential for us, and thanks to the fully glazed door we see them before they have entered the store, says Jonas Roslund, owner of Divanti AB.

A sign from above

To Jonas, good relationships are of great importance. When he first met the landlords to be, he immediately felt a connection with them due to their shared and down-to-earth philosophy. As soon as he told them about his visions and plans for the shop, they started to renovate the premises. When they offered Divanti to move in the 28th of August, it was a sign from above – that was the date when the shop Divanti first was opened.

–  To me the contact with the suppliers is as important as the contact with the customers. I have a long and good relationship with EAB, and I’m so very pleased with my new doors. They fit perfectly and enhances the feeling and atmosphere of this store, Jonas says and smiles.


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