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EAB in Smålandsstenar acquires Lecor Stålteknik AB in Kungälv. The acquisition takes place in order to be able to secure EAB’s customer commitment in the future in terms of qualitative steel structures with high delivery reliability.
Lecor Stålteknik offers one of Sweden’s most modern production facilities of prefabricated steel components for construction, industry and contract and has been a supplier to EAB for a long time.

Per-Åke Andersson, CEO and co-owner of EAB
“For a long time, we have had strong growth in our Steel Building business area, with an emphasis on extensive projects, primarily in central warehouses. We are also seeing an increasing geographical spread for our projects. We have expanded our production facilities in Smålandsstenar on several occasions. Still, we need additional production capacity to continue to be the secure supplier included in our customer promise.”

A well-established collaboration
“The collaboration with Lecor has been going on for a long time, as a complementary supplier of steel structures, and we therefore know what high capacity and quality they always provide. Lecor is a well-established name and a strong brand in the market associated with high knowledge, quality, and delivery security.”

Full production capacity
“The plant in Kungälv belongs to one of Sweden’s most modern production facilities, which means
that we can get full production capacity directly, without having to make any major investments. This is important as we have a significant order backlog with ongoing and planned projects. We also see the location in Kungälv as an advantage because we have many customers and projects in the Västra Götaland region.”

”There is considerable knowledge capital in steel construction among the employees at Lecor, and we look forward to the increased knowledge transfer between the companies as we now are part of the same family business.”

About Lecor
Lecor Stålteknik AB was founded in 1965 and has its production in a modern production unit of 6700 m2 in Kungälv. The company operates within five business areas: Construction of arenas, Bridge Technology, On and Offshore constructions and Process Industry. Lecor offers capacity resources for external steel companies to deliver steel to major construction projects.

The company has been a part of BE Group since 2010 and has 35 employees with sales of SEK 82
million (2021). The company will be a wholly owned subsidiary of EAB AB and will continue to operate under the name of Lecor Stålteknik AB.

Lecor i Kungälv

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