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At first glance, Bryte Carwash looks just like any other car wash, but it doesn’t take more than a few seconds for the obvious differences to become apparent. The architect-designed car wash uses solar cells to heat collected rainwater – and once each car is spotlessly clean, up to 95% of the dirty water can be reused, thanks to their own biological purification plant.

— I wanted an all-black, fully glazed door. A black doorjamb, black moulding and black frame. It looks really attractive! EAB were the only ones who could supply the door I wanted, so that made it an easy choice, says David Vojnovic, the owner of Bryte Carwash.

Bryte uses market-leading technology to provide a clean and reliable wash. Advanced photocells scan the contours of the car for perfect cleaning even in the places that are the most difficult to reach. With the help of the washing hall’s number plate recognition system and mechanical doors from EAB, a registered customer can just drive straight in and the car wash will then start the preselected programme.

The car wash in Uddevalla is the first for Bryte, but the company’s goals and ambitions are high.

The goal is for us to have a car wash in at least 10 different locations within the next two years. The big challenge has been to find good sites, but there has been a huge amount of interest in our car wash. I wasn’t happy with the car wash buildings already available and thought I might as well build my own to get it exactly the way I want it. That’s the way it happened,” laughs David..

Doors for demanding environments

Doors mounted in car washing halls have to withstand a lot. The frame of our doors consists of welded and galvanised square tubes, which are then lightly blasted before being painted. This makes them suitable for demanding environments, while at the same time giving the customer the opportunity to have the door in exactly the colour they want.

We’ve supplied Bryte in Uddevalla with two power-operated folding doors, fully glazed with a black painted frame, as well as four matching wicket doors to the electronics area. Right from the start, the customer had a clear idea of what they wanted, and together we came up with a really good solution, says Niklas Videll, one of the sales team at EAB.

EAB var de enda som kunde leverera det jag ville ha

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