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A loyal partner expands

Gbetong ToppTranemo G-Betong was founded in 1994 and manufactures and sells foundation and wall elements to industrial, residential and agricultural customers, among others. They also manufacture and sell foundation joists and floors to Tranemogrunden. Tranemo G-Betong is one of EAB’s major partners.  

This time the order was for an extension to a gantry yard 23x30 metres in size, i.e. 690 . For us, the project meant the delivery and installation of trusses, steel and other roofing, wall screens and crane runways. We built the first part of the gantry yard for Tranemo G-Betong in 2014. We also built a die-casting hall for them in 2016.

Johan Kettil from Tranemo G-Betong
“For us at Tranemo G-Betong AB, the cooperation with EAB has been the longest and most important of our customer relationships. A customer to whom we never say no, but rather “we can handle it”, as we know that the project will run smoothly and will be carried out in a positive spirit. We share the same view on how a job should be done and that the final result will be the best possible one when we help each other and solve problems rather than create them.”

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