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  • We're growing in the world...

    We are expanding our operations and investing further in new production technology and a higher degree of automation in Smålandsstenar. Above all, we are 230 motivated EABers who are well prepared and ready for the future.

    Follow our development here!

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  • EAB sponsors Sweden´s largest tennis event!

    For the 17th year in a row, EAB is sponsoring one of Sweden's most prestigious sports events, the Swedish Open in Båstad.
    Prepare. Tie your shoelaces. Get Ready!

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  • 1.000 installations worldwide

    The 6th generation of Radioshuttle is here. Our RS 6.0 is robust, flexible and intelligent with new technology ready for Industry 4.0.

    Based on experience from over 1,000 installations worldwide.

  • World tour and 21 900 days

    We do what we can and believed in since 1957. Develop, manufacture and assemble durable solutions and products within Storage Equipment, Doors and Steel buildings - from Smålandsstenar in Sweden to the rest of the world.

    Thank you for following us on this exciting journey!

  • From minus 30 to plus 40!

    We know how important it is to take advantage of every warehouse space to the maximum. EABs Radioshuttle System works equally effectively in all temperature zones.

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EAB is a family business operating within three different product areas: storage equipment, doors and steel buildings. Our company headquarters, production centre and development department are in Smålandsstenar, Sweden, but our products can be found the world over. A warm welcome from us at EAB!

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