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Our doors are produced by hand at our factory in Smålandsstenar.

    Do you offer door installation?

    Yes, we offer installation and even take measurements. Read more here.

    Am I required to weld the hinges into place?

    As standard, weld-on hinge bottom parts are supplied, but if you prefer, we can also supply hinge bottom parts that can be screwed on.

    Can the door be mounted using screws?

    Yes, it can. As standard, weld-on hinge bottom parts are supplied, but if you prefer, we can also supply hinge bottom parts that can be screwed on.

    Do you make stainless steel glazed sections?

    No, we do not, but you can choose any colour you would like!

    Can I buy doors with glazing?

    Yes, you can have glazing fit at the height you choose and choose how many glazed sections you would like. You can even buy fully glazed sections.

    Can you make a folding door power-operated?

    When you order from us you can choose whether you would like a manual or machine operated door. Read more here.

    Do you have any fire classed doors and windows?

    We have both fire classed doors and windows, read more in the specific product.

    Do you have security doors?
    Do you have doors in stock?

    Yes, we keep folding doors, side hung doors and access doors in stock. See more here.

    How should I take door measurements?

    We offer a measurement service should you need assistance. Contact us if you need guidance about how to best go about measuring the door.

    What is your supply time?

    Our doors are crafted by hand at our factory in Smålandsstenar and we have a supply time of 6-8 weeks.

    Do you have insulated doors?

    We have different insulation options, from fully non-insulated to high insulation. See details about the products here.

    What kind of door do I need?

    For doors sized up to 3 x 3 m we usually recommend a side hung door or a three-section folding door. If you need a larger door then it is always a folding door. We can supply doors up to 50 m2, depending on the door placement and intended use.

    How long is your guarantee period?

    We offer the longest guarantee period on the market, which is 10 years for our doors. We know that they are built to last. Our customers still have fully operational doors after 30 years.

    Can I purchase spare parts?

    Yes. We have saved the serial numbers on our doors since the 1970’s so we can quickly help you find the spare part you need. You will either find the serial number on the interior or exterior of the door. Read more about our spare parts and accessories here.

    What are your standard colours?

    You can see our standard colours below. You also have the option to select the RAL colour of your choice, the options are endless.

    How much do your doors cost?

    Because we manufacture the door to suit your specific measurements and your specifications, we are only able to provide you with a quote once we have received all the details. Send us your price request here.

    What are your standard dimensions?

    We manufacture doors upon order and customise the door to suit the measurements and specifications you provide.

    Can I custom order a door?

    Yes, our doors are fully customised. We manufacture the door based upon your dimensions and specifications.

Steel buildings
    What customers to you have within the steel building segment?

    We primarily work as subcontractors to building companies or property companies, but we also have direct projects for customers.

    Do you do foundation work, cast concrete slabs on ground or concrete plinths?

    No, we do not work with concrete. We can offer prefabricated concrete elements but do not take any concrete or ground work.

    How much does a steel building cost?

    As we do not have any standard buildings, we do not have any standard prices. We price our buildings according to size and height, geographical location (amount of snow and wind), choice of walls, choice of roof, choice of foundation, number of beams, additions to the facade, number of openings (doors, gates, windows). Therefore, we need documentation from our customers describing what the building should look like and what its intended use is. Documentation can range from simple sketches to complete documentation for architectural and construction drawings.

    Do you have your own designers?

    Yes, we have our own designers who dimension all parts included on the steel frame.

    Do you have any standard buildings?

    No, we always build unique buildings according to customer specifications.

    Who assembles your steel frames?

    We currently have some 35 steel building installers who assemble our frames. They also erect prefabricated walls, beams, roofing sheets and conduct metalwork and other additions to the frame.

    Where are your steel frames manufactured?

    Our factory is in Smålandsstenar where we blast, cut, bend, weld and paint our steel. We use flat-rolled beams, bars and tubes which come from steel mills.

    Do you build houses?

    No, we do not usually build small residential buildings, the steel is best suited to large areas without columns.

    What types of buildings do you build?

    The steel is best suited to large areas without columns, which preferably have high ceilings. The buildings we most frequently build include industrial buildings, warehouses, logistics facilities, sporting halls and shops. Shops can include anything from supermarkets to car dealers. Read more about our types of buildings.

Storage equipment
    Do I need to have a grate behind the pallet rack?

    Under certain circumstances you must have an anti-collapse system fitted behind the pallet rack, read more here.

    Can I replace a post that has been driven into?

    Yes, you can replace a post that has been driven into. You do not need to replace parts that are not damaged.

    What accessories are available for my pallet racking?

    We have a large range of accessories available, please have a look at the page for the respective product. Discover our solutions within Storage Equipment here.

    Do I need protection for my pallet racking?

    Yes, we have a wide range of protection for your business. Read more about them here.

    Can EAB help me with inspection?

    Yes, we collaborate with inspection companies. Read more about inspection here.

    Do I need a load sign for my pallet racking?

    Yes, you need to have a load sign to know what load the pallet rack tolerates.

    Can EAB arrange transport to me?

    Yes, we ship goods every day from EAB.

    Can I collect the shipment directly from you?

    Yes, shipments can be collected from EAB in Smålandsstenar.

    Can EAB find my previous order?

    Yes, our system contains a history spanning back many years.

    Do I need to have my pallet racking inspected?

    Yes, you should have your pallet racking inspected at regular intervals, preferably 1 time per year. Read more about inspections here.

    What is the maximum pallet height I can place in a pallet rack?

    Theoretically speaking, as high as you like. But the maximum permitted load is affected by the pallet height.

    Can I buy small volumes directly from EAB?

    Yes, you can.

    What is the maximum pallet racking height I can buy?

    We stock frames up to 6500 mm, but in theory we can manufacture poles in infinite lengths.

    Can I secure pallet racking to the wall?

    No, you should not fix pallet racking/cantilever racking to the wall as it is self-supporting.

    Does pallet racking need to be secured to the ground?

    Yes, we always recommend securing pallet racking to the ground.

    Can I place pallet racking on asphalt?

    Yes. However, you need an asphalt base underneath, and this may result in a reduced maximum load.

    How much weight can I load on a pallet rack?

    We have different types available in our standard pallet racking, which hold up to 25 tonnes per section, see the load decal.

    How much weight can I load on a cantilever rack?

    This depends on what type of pallet racking you want, but there is a load diagram available for our standard pallet racking which shows this information. Read more about our cantilever racking.

    How do I know if my pallet racking is Omega or Alfa?

    The simplest way to find this out is by looking at the brace end, round brace = Alfa and square brace = Omega.

    What are the differences between your Omega and Alfa pallet racking systems?

    They are built according to different standards; Omega is dimensioned according to a more recent standard than Alfa.

    What is the supply time for EAB’s storage equipment?

    The supply time from us depends on what you would like to buy and how much you want to buy. Please contact one of our salespersons for more information.

    Is EAB ISO Certified?

    Yes, we are. More information about our certifications is available here.

    Can EAB manufacture custom materials?

    Absolutely! We manufacture all materials at our factory in Smålandsstenar, which allows us to customise materials to suit the needs of our customers.

    Is it possible to have a salesperson from EAB pay me a personal visit?

    Yes, we have many competent salespeople and project managers who would be more than happy to visit your facility.

    Can I get help with installation?

    Yes, we offer installation for all types of warehouse storage solutions.

    Is EAB’s pallet racking difficult to assemble?

    No, it is not hard to accomplish.

    Can I get help with drawing my warehouse?

    Absolutely, we use professional drawing tools and would be happy to draw your warehouse to give you a clearer overview of the delivery.

    Can I buy directly from EAB?

    Of course! Please contact one of our salespersons for more information.

    What is the guarantee period for EAB’s pallet racking?

    We have a 5-year guarantee period on our pallet racking

    Can I supplement older EAB pallet racking?

    Yes, you can certainly supplement older pallet racking.

    Does EAB’s pallet racking follow applicable European Standard, EN?

    Yes, our rackings follows current EN-standards, read more here

    Where is EAB pallet racking manufactured?

    All manufacturing takes place at our factory in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. Our development, design and production departments, as well as our headquarters are also located in Smålandsstenar.