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Over 120 tonnes of steel left our factory last week and our installers are currently fitting a frame that will form a new central warehouse for Cejn in Skövde. The building body will be 15 metres high, 3,200 m2 in size and with two mezzanines, each measuring 1,000 m2. Deliveries from EAB are comprehensive and, in addition to the steel frame, our undertaking also includes delivery and installation of metal roofing and roof coverings, concrete walls, steel sandwich panels and flat steel cladding, lift shaft, stairs and even HDF beams on two storeys.

Cejn is headquartered in Skövde, Sweden. The company develops, manufactures and markets their quick connect couplings and accessories for industries including pneumatics, hydraulics, fluids and gas. The increased demand for quick connect couplings within multiple segments meant Cejn needed to meet the demand by building a new central warehouse and adding more production space.

The project is being done in collaboration with Skeppsviken Bygg & Fastighet i Skövde AB.


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