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Skandro AB is a family-owned company located in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. The company manufactures and sells pallets and pallet collars. Since its start in 1987, the company has built up a business that is synonymous with excellent service, quality and environmental saving products. EAB and Skandro have a relationship that goes back many years and we have had the privilege of being a long-standing supplier and customer of pallets and pallet collars.

We built their first cold storage building in 1997, which from the start was pre-prepared to be able extended both in width and length. Their timber products are stored in the cold storage building. Over the years, the building has been extended six times and a production hall measuring 37 x 66 metres was added. The large building is an impressive 150×66 metres in size.

“Apart from the first building we constructed in 1994, all of the subsequent buildings have been built by EAB and this has been nearly every year or every other year. We have been very satisfied with the collaboration. The planning process and the work have been down to earth, and the result has never been a disappointment”

Rolf Skinner, Managing Director of Skandro AB

The most recent project is a detached building and was completed in the autumn. The building is an additional cold storage building with an area measuring 45 x 66 metres and with a clearance of approx. 5.7 metres.

“Doing projects with Skandro is always fun, both because we know each other so well and because we almost neighbours. The project also gave us a few challenges because the exterior ground level was higher than the interior ground level on one of the long sides. This results in a so-called earth pressure, which affects the entire frame and it meant that we had to work a bit harder to figure things out,” says Project Engineer Tobias Johansson.

We also supplied three side hung doors and a folding door for this project.


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