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The chickens at Sundfågel now have a new barn and EAB has had the privilege of supplying doors for the building project via our customer Lindbergs Bygg i Bergkvara. The ultramodern barn is fitted out to comply with stringent Swedish animal husbandry and sustainability requirements.

We not only supplied doors for their barn, but we also supplied doors for their newly built boiler installation, with a modern wood chip-fuelled boiler. Together with the modern heat exchanger that has been connected to the new barns, the farm has succeeded in almost halving its heat consumption.

Sundfågel is a family-owned company which is now run by the third generation. The company was founded in 1965, when Bo Johansson’s father began selling broiler chickens and the company has successively grown over the years. Today, it is Bo’s daughter Sara who has primary responsibility for operations.

”The doors work great! It became homogenous and the contrast with the concrete looks very nice. We were recommended EAB doors and we are extremely happy with our decision to buy them.”

– Bo Johansson.

The new barn has space for 104,000 chickens, in two areas, but the whole facility has space for 180,000 chickens. The farm is located on approximately 150 hectares of land, of which 90 hectares are pasture where crops such as wheat are grown, for use as chicken feed.

For this project, EAB supplied 4 folding doors with integrated access doors and 12 access doors. All doors are hot dip galvanised and fully lacquered in black for optimal protection against corrosion. Doors are available with optional high insulation with a cold-breaking thermal layer, for optimum insulation. When the chicks are small, it is important that the temperature in the barns is right and that they are not subjected to draughts.

Anders Karlsson at Lindbergs Bygg in Bergkvara has supplied the doors and is satisfied with the collaboration with EAB.

”I have worked with EAB for nearly 25 years, primarily with doors, but we also have storage solutions for handling timber and mouldings in our “drive in”, which are also from EAB. Here at Lindbergs, we have developed what we offer our customers parallel with EAB. EAB is a stable supplier with solid products that are adapted to suit the user’s needs and at Lindbergs Bygg, we have used our knowledge and worked jointly with EAB to create a tight concept. EAB’s salespeople are extremely competent and knowledgeable about the company’s products and EAB always provides a fast response during the business process. We always feel secure in selling and delivering doors from EAB. It is a good mark when customers come back to order more doors. I usually say that “you will never be better than your supplier,” and EAB is one of our most stable business partners.

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