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Zimply Solved is a company that originally focus on consultancy services within logistics. So that the company could broaden its opportunities to help their customers, they also chose to invest in a third-party logistics business, also known as 3PL. This means as a third-party between the manufacturer and the customer, the company takes care of the entire logistics and distribution chain.

Zimply’s founders decided to form a subsidiary and 1337 Logistics is now located in newly built premises at Bredasten, just a stone’s throw away from the E4 motorway and Swedish national road 27. The location has highly visible signage position and its sassy facade design really makes the building stand out and turns heads. The idea behind the chequered facade design was inspired by container ships, where stacked containers in different colours create a chequered pattern.

To be able to meet different customer needs and accommodate different circumstances, the company chose to equip the building with slightly different pallet racking solutions. For pallet goods, EAB’s Omega pallet racking is used, and for long goods EAB’s cantilever racking is used. To create a safe and secure working environment, the pallet racking is fitted with upright protectors, frame protectors and vertical pallet stops. For effective picking of small goods, the company chose to automate the process and there are now 10 warehouse robots in the property.


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