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Lars-Göran Fahlén, or Lasse, as most people call him, knows our doors inside and out.

> Tell me about yourself and what your job entails?
– My name is Lars-Göran Fahlén, or Lasse, as most people call me. I am a resident of Smålandsstenar who loves the forest and nature. I have worked as a salesperson at EAB since 1988.
> Describe your typical workday as a door salesperson at EAB
– My workdays can vary quite a lot. I supply quotes, type up orders, talk with customers and have a lot of contact with our production department here at EAB. It is a fun and extremely varied job. Thanks to the large variety of doors, we make every project is different. I have a lot of contact with different people, from architects and builders, to customers and colleagues here at the factory. One day is never the same as the next! Perhaps this is why I have been so happy here for all these years.

> You have been part of incredibly exciting developments over the years. How does it feel? – At the “old” EAB, which existed when I started, we were around 80 employees, of which 10 of these were in the office. Today, 32 years later, we are a team of almost 250 employees. The company has grown tremendously and EAB now has a very large market both in Sweden and abroad. So, of course, my job has changed quite a lot over the years. However, the company still has the same family spirit it has always had, and I think the fact that we have succeeded in keeping it alive is very good!

> What do you see as the biggest development in the door department? – Having been able to follow the major developments that have taken place is a lot of fun. Before, the doors were primarily standard industrial doors. Today you can choose to customise doors according to your own specifications. With today’s options to choose design, colour and materials the door becomes more like an ornament on the facade. Our door department is a very professional team! We manufacture everything by hand at our factory in Smålandsstenar. We paint our doors in-house as the door department has its own paint shop, so when it comes to colour you can choose the colour that best suits you. We have several different insulation options to choose from, which we are alone on the market with. The fact that you also have the option to choose machine operation on all our doors, which also makes it easier to keep the doors closed, is something we also view as contributing to a better environment. Nowadays our products are so much more than just the usual door. We manufacture everything from glazed walls for offices, to wooden clad barn doors, the options are endless. This really is a fun development!”


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