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DFDS is investing heavily in contract logistics in Sweden and over the past year they have constructed 95,000 m² of warehouse space that has provided 85,000 pallet spaces.

– The DFDS investment has resulted in three new facilities strategically located in southern Sweden. The Borås facility has been built in two stages and is almost identical to the facility here in Stigamo. The current smallest facility with 22,000 pallet spaces is located in Karlshamn. Here in Stigamo we have installed 13,000 traditional pallet spaces and about 10,000 pallets for Radioshuttle™, which is an interesting pilot project, says Stefan. EAB has built all warehouse facilities and optimised the warehouse layout together with DFDS.

– In addition to EAB being a reliable partner in terms of delivery times and quality, flexibility is an important part of the cooperation. There are always challenges along the way, so it’s important to have a partner who sees opportunities and is always there when needed. As a contract logistician our ambition is to attract as large and broad a customer base as possible, so initially we just looked at a solution based on traditional pallet racking. We focus a lot on industrial customers and this type of solution is very suitable for them.

Stefan Carlsson, project manager, DFDS.

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