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With roots in the heart of textile Sweden, Blåkläder has supplied work clothes for roughly 60 years. Today they are a well-known Swedish brand and for many a natural choice for work clothes and shoes, regardless of the industry. Today they produce approximately 7 million garments per year and this is where EAB enters the picture.

Blåkläder tar höjd med hyllställ från EAB

Back in 2018 a large delivery of shelf racks was made to the Blåkläder warehouse, which is located in the Moga area of Svenljunga. At Blåkläder’s warehouse, orders are picked manually using sling controlled forklifts where the picker travels along up to the right level. The shelf racks allow the company to maximise its ceiling height, which means that it is a very space-efficient storage system that is suitable for many different articles.

–  It is great that we have once again been entrusted with supplying shelf racks for Blåkläder when they expand their existing premises. The expansion will house a total of 136,000 cartons. That’s quite a few pairs of trousers, says Niclas Svensson, Salesperson and Project Manager at EAB Storage Equipment, with a laugh.

Blåkläder tar höjd med hyllställ från EAB

Safety always comes first and this is why the mesh shelving is specially produced to handle the sprinkler requirement. Together with our unique carton stop they offer effective protection in the event of fire. The mesh shelving lets the sprinkler water flow to all the shelves and the carton stop prevents the carton from being placed too close to the poles. If the carton ends up too near the pole it can prevent the water from flowing further to reach the level below.

–  All in all it’s a lot of sections with shelf racks. They are 9,250 mm high and hold 23 mesh shelves. We have supplied nearly 40 km of shelf rack poles this time, so then you understand just how space-efficient our shelf racks are, explains Niclas.


It isn’t just the warehouse that’s become bigger. Blåkläder has also heavily invested in expanding their Autostore facility, larger handling areas, plus they have modernised their loadhouse and warehouse office. All to accommodate continued strong growth. Despite the company now being a large international actor, it is clear that they haven’t forgotten their Västra Götaland roots.

– I think that we have a positive and open dialogue with EAB where we try to find a way of collaborating and solutions that work well for all in the end, comments Thomas Olsson, Logistics Manager at Blåkläder.


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