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EAB Doors, which has developed, manufactured and assembled custom-made doors since the early 1970s, has had a very good development since the start. It has continued even during this last year, when important market shares were taken and there was a large increase in sales. To strengthen the organization, Kajsa Andersson is now taking over as the new Business Unit Director for EAB Doors.

“We have a fantastic demand for our steel doors and it is extremely fun that so many more have discovered our products. We see the increase as clear proof that our doors meet the needs and requirements of the market today in terms of function, design and sustainability. We have gained many new customers who have been recommended our doors by others. We also have existing customers who choose to replace other doors on their facility, as you are so pleased with the EAB door. We even have customers who just want to call and tell us that their EAB door from the 70’s still works. It is clearly a proof that our doors are built to last – and for a long time, ”says Mattias Mårtensson, former Business Unit Director for EAB Doors.

Mattias Mårtensson hands over the role as Business Unit Director for the department and will in his new role focus on what he is most passionate about, namely contact with the customer and further development of the products.

“I hand over the responsibility to Kajsa, who I think is perfect for the assignment. With her previous experience from various roles in consumer-oriented industries, she can develop the department and our products from a new perspective. Kajsa will clearly be an important addition to the department. Personally, I really look forward to being able to focus on a closer dialogue with our customers and in this way also be able to develop our offer, ”Mattias continues.

Kajsa Andersson comes from the company Mondelez in Stockholm, where she has had responsibilities in logistics, planning and sales. Now the move has gone from the capital city back to the small town where she was born and raised. She will start her position at EAB on February 22nd.

It is with humility and great anticipation that I take on this assignment. Mattias and the Doors team do a fantastic job, which is obvious when looking at the department’s development curve, and
I am really looking forward to getting to know and work with such a strong team. Together with functions in areas such as sales, design, production and assembly, we can further develop the door concept further, ”says Kajsa Andersson, new Business Unit Director for EAB Doors.


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