Wenco Eab


As of October 20 2013 we greet Wenco AB´s customers and web visitors are welcome to visit us at EAB in Smalandsstenar.

Wenco AB in Örebro went bankrupt in the fall of 2013. EAB took over the business, including intellectual property such as domainname, trademark and any patents. We will do everything to those customers who previously had Wenco as a supplier to feel satisfied with the products, knowledge and best possible service when it comes to storage equipment for commercial, industrial and other warehouse operations.

About Us
EAB is a family business which today is one of the market leaders in Scandinavia in terms of warehouse inventory. We supply all types of industrial, warehouse and trade, but has become something of specialists in the building trade and larger storage terminals.
All manufacturing is done in Smalandsstenar and has done so since its inception in 1957.

For you
What we can offer you is a complete and proven product range in stock interior with specially developed products for the management of timber and solid wood.
Our knowledge, service and experience weighs heavily in partnerships with our customers and is something that we hope you will take note of.

Please get in touch with us!
Please feel free to get in touch with us, to order products or for a discussion about what might be appropriate for your particular business.
You can reach us by phone +46 371-340 00.