Termofonster 400X226Maintenance-free

  • Maintenance-free windows made of galvanized steel profiles.
  • With interrupted thermal bridge.
  • For fixed glass.
  • Manufactured according to custom measurements.
  • Number of frames as requested.
  • Max. glass area 1.2 square metres.
  • Max. length 6 m.


Frame and window bar of galvanized tubular steel profiles. 
Insulating profile of ABS (also constitutes external glazing rebate), colour zinc grey.
 Internal glazing bead of natural anodised aluminium.
 M16 frame bolts for mounting in wall.
 Suitable mounting screw diameter 7.5 of Hilti type or alternatively Tema frame screw (not included).

Sealed glazing unit D4-18 and sealing strip of rubber supplied, for glazing after mounting. External top sealant required. Insulating profile is equipped with rebated drainage hole.

Surface treatment
Inside galvanized. Outside weatherproofed insulating profile.

Optional extra, sheet metal covering

The outside is covered with lacquered sheet profile in 6 standard colours (see separate range of colours).