Vikport 250X250High-quality, robust construction

These include solid fittings, high-quality finish and robust construction, with a few moving parts- important features, which ensure long service with a minimum of maintenance.

EAB´s folding steel doors are frame-built of welded, galvanized steel profiles dimensioned to withstand hard wear, repair and realignment. They are made in 2,3,4 or 6 sections, and can be supplied for manual or electrical operation. Read more about steel folding doors with door automation here.

Door leaves
The frame is of welded, galvanized, square-section tubing, covered with EAB-profile sheet steel, either galvanized or Pvf2 painted. The steel covering is attached to the frame of the door with screws specially produced for EAB, which have a small head and low profile. This design facilitates replacement of the covering in the event of doors can be fitted with interleaved insulation of 40 mm or 60 mm thick mineral wool, or can be delivered without insulation, with steel covering only in the outside surface.


  • Lubrication-free welded hinges with plastic bearings.
  • Guide or carrier fittings which run in C-profiles.
  • Center guide lip in floor.¨
  • Internal locking by epagnolette rods: DeJo 55100
  • The locking rods are fitted with loops for padlocks. An access door can, with advantage, be incorporated in the doors, fitted with standard lock Assa 410-50. Other types of lock can be fitted on request.

The doors are supplied with D4-18 UP-value 1,1 fitted in robust strips of natural anodized aluminium.

Other types of glazing can be supplied on request.

All sealing strips are attached to the door frames between sections, Against door posts and floor.

Surface finish
Alt. 1: Galvanized door frames and sheet-steel covering
Alt. 2: Galvanized door frames covered with sheet steel painted with Pvf2 per seperate color chart.
Alt. 3: Paint treatment on galvanized door frames and steel covering per seperate paint program.

Door cases and posts
EAB manufacture and stock many varieties of U and L profiles and square section tubing, which can be supplied to order.

CE-marked doors
EAB’s folding doors are CE-marked in compliance with the Construction Product Directive and the Machinery Directive.

Comply with requirements in the EN 13241-1 industrial door standard.