Milestones through the years

There are a number of milestones in EAB's recent history worth mentioning at this point . These are the milestones that have made EAB the company it is today.

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Recession - the start of EAB venturing into the export market
When the building industry went into recession in 1993, EAB for the first time in its history got to truly feel the effects of an economic downturn. At that point in time, EAB was reliant on the domestic market, and on the market in southern parts of Sweden in particular. The company proceeded to enter into a new partnership with BT Industries (now Toyota) when they were tasked with developing a completely new form of picking robot, which was to be implemented in a logistical system with BT trucks.

EAB launches world's first picking robot

 - Radioshuttle
The project, which was delivered together with BT and commissioned by German company Papstart, proved to be the forerunner for what turned out to be EAB's foremost project on the export market: Radioshuttle System. EAB thus became the first company in the world to launch a picking robot completely adapted to meet the market's growing need for highly efficient warehouses, particularly within the convenience goods industry. Working with BT/Toyota and later also under its own management, through subsidiaries, EAB has installed over 1.000 Radioshutte System across the globe.

Steel buildings

Borås Arena 'uncovered' steel buildings
Our STORAGE and DOORS are more exposed and have therefore received more publicity and the marketing for these has been more profitable. They are quite simply more visible. Steel structures often form the skeleton of buildings, and as such have not received the same attention either internally or externally. When Borås Arena was built and then officially opened in April 2005, its status as one of Sweden's most modern football and event arenas was partly thanks to EAB's steel structure. EAB pulled off the almost impossible task of designing, making and assembling the longest beams Europe has ever seen, with the two long sides measuring 106 m and the two short sides 81 m. Thanks to these, the arena audience get an unobstructed view, with no poles in the way. Boras Arena received a good deal of publicity as a result, and EAB successfully married structural fabrication and engineering.
EAB Steel buildings now receive a more extensive and complex range of project enquiries as a result of this, spread over an increasingly far-flung geographical market.


'Industrial doors' become 'Doors', the term Designline coined
For many years, EAB has been synonymous with heavy industrial steel doors. To demonstrate the options available and also target environments where there are tougher design and uniform facade requirements, EAB stopped using 'Industrial doors' as the name of the range at the start of the 2000s, and launched 'Designline' to go with this concept. This was EAB's response to the market calling for more facades with designs that use a lot of natural light. For EAB, this also represented a competitive advantage compared to high-speed roller doors. Steel doors can give large glazed areas a maintained refrigerant barrier and strength. In other words, Doors is very much providing what the market wants nowadays: strong, hardwearing solutions combined with attractive design.