Meet our employees

Meet some of our 230 colleagues at EAB. Hear them talk about their view of the company and what opportunities there are to grow. 


Meet Dennis Jansson - Welder at EAB

Dennis started to work at EAB 2008.

- The best thing about EAB is the variation in work and that you can be flexible. It's a safe workplace that works very well. I have been working here for almost 11 years and it depends a lot on the environment and the working climate.

- EAB is also a very acitve company within sport and supports a lot of sports organizations, including the local ice hockey team.

Meet Martin Johansson - Engineer at EAB

- The people at EAB, and above all the management, is great taking care of their employees, doing fun things and creating added value.

- From the very first day here i have felt that it is entirely right to be here.


Meet Henrik Palmquist - Leading fitter at EAB

- I started to work at EAB 2001. At first i worked on the doors-department and after that i was offered a fitter-job which later developed to supervisor.

- EAB is a stable company that is going very well. They have a very good management here who feels among all the workers.


Meet Malin Candell - Business manager at EAB

- At EAB i enjoy it very well. There have always been opportunities to develop and take new steps, come up with ideas and actualize them.

- The fantastic thing about EAB is that you can have a fantastic carrier with a lot of responsibility and combine it with your family.