Radioshuttle™ is a patented robot for handling pallets in a high densitiy racking. Unlike other high density racking where it is necessary to drive into the rack with the truck or invest in expensive special trucks, Radioshuttle™ can collector leave the pallet.

Remote Control

The Radioshuttle™ works via remote control and is controlled by using a radio transmitter via thetruck. The very same radio transmitter can control more than one Radioshuttle™.


All pallet management by truck takes place in the main aisle. This means that the rack can be made much deeper than an ordinary high density racking. Furthermore, the truck does not need to stand and wait for the Radioshuttle™, it is free to work elsewhere. This results in a high rate of turnover while having the truck´s handling time.

Maxipacker Filo 500X281


Here the Radioshuttle™ is used together with roller conveyors. A combination where there is room for buffer pallets at the upper levels and for roller conveyors at the lowest level. All picking from pallets takes place from apicking corridor that passes through the rack.

Maxipacker Plocktunnel 500X281

Fifo handling

Here the Radioshuttle™ is used in a throughput storage and the pallets
are managed after the principle, first in-first out.

Maxipacker Fifo 500X281

Picking tunnel

Maxipacker Plocktunnel 500X281