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We are continuing to build in the sunny weather! 

We are currently installing the roof along with the external and internal walls for what is going to be the I-hall and the H-hall. The I-hall will be used for dispatch, while the H-hall will be for production and warehouse.

Photo: Oliver Andersson

Did you know that…
In 1988 EAB moved into new premises in Södra Industrial Estate alongside Nissastigen - the facility that was built then was 17,000 sqm in size. 

Tillbyggnad Eab 2 Topp2018-06-01

We are continuing with our build in brilliant sunshine. Our fantastic crane lorry is in place and today we are erecting the frame for the G-hall. We have started construction of a ventilation room and installation of the roofing sheets.

Did you know that…
One of EAB's major extensions in 1970 required steel structures and folding doors. Instead of purchasing them, EAB's founder Erik Andersson decided to manufacture the steel structures and doors for the new premises. It turned out to be a great success, and also the springboard for entirely home-grown products to sell in the market.

Tillbyggnad Eab 700X348 01

The present extension is at full speed!

The first EAB building and was 159 sqm. Since then, we expanded the facilities more than 35 times! Our current production facilities are in the southern industrial area and will be 55,000 square meters after this last extension.

We continuously update with current images to help you follow our exciting development!

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