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Exertis CapTech, Mölndal

Captech ToppOur new generation Radioshuttle™ was launched in 2017, and we can now see the results in our various storage equipment projects. One of these is Exertis CapTech in Mölndal. A completely new state-of-the-art warehouse covering 19,000 m2, called New Nordic Distribution Center, is set to replace the company's three previous warehouses around Gothenburg.

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For this project, EAB has supplied Omega pallet racking for around 13,000 pallet places, Radioshuttle™ racking with FIFO management for around 2,000 pallet places and four wirelessly controlled shuttles of the new version Radioshuttle™ RS6.0.


Magnus Gustafsson, technical manager at Exertis CapTech and project manager for NNDC:
"We're really extremely satisfied with EAB's solution for our new warehouse. Everything has worked perfectly along the entire chain. For our volume products we have now installed their new Radioshuttle™, where we load the shuttle on one side of the rack and collect on the other. The shuttle is served by three forklifts and managed very efficiently by the system's wireless remote controls."

Captech Topp3As good as new. Guaranteed!
"EAB have also supplied a storage equipment system to us previously and this, including an older version of Radioshuttle™, has now been installed in our new facility. The great thing is that we can hardly see any difference between the completely new racking and the one that's been used before. This is convincing evidence that EAB's products have an enormously long service life. We feel really confident about having them as a supplier - everything's been delivered and made ready exactly on the promised schedule."

In addition to storage equipment, EAB has also supplied a large number of collision guards and racks.

Exertis CapTech is one of the Nordic region's largest distributors of IT, AV, Large Display and Entertainment (games, films, books and toys). The company cooperates with over 250 global manufacturers and over 4,000 resellers.

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