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Borås Stadsteater

Boras Stads ToppEAB has been entrusted with assisting the municipality of Borås, in cooperation with Skanska, in the rebuilding of Borås Stadsteater. The rebuilding consists in replacing the existing stage technology and raising the ceiling with the aim of improving the working environment. For this, EAB has supplied and assembled the steel frame, sheet metal for the roof and beams and stairs.

Boras Stads Topp2
1,800 welded steel components.
Not one straight line.
One particular feature of the project is the number of components, totalling around 1,800 welded elements designed and manufactured in our production facility in Smålandsstenar. Around 80 tonnes of steel were used, and the delivery includes four lattice structures, the largest of which is 4.3 metres high and weighs 5.5 tonnes!

It was a challenging project, with a lot of coordination on the drawing board, in production and at the assembly stage. No straight lines anywhere, and many unique parts.

It should be added that in order to protect the inside of the building throughout the construction process, it was built a provisional roof, opened up one truss at a time, which we have now replaced with a new roof.

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