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Radioshuttle™ 6.0
For efficient pallet handling and maximum utilisation of storage space.

The development of EABs successful Radioshuttle™ system, designed for the efficient volume handling of pallets, is now continuing with the launch of the sixth generation of this patented machine – RS 6.0 – developed on the basis of experience with more than 1,000 installations of all types around the world.

Mats Carlsson, Head of EAB storage equipment:
“The first version, RS 84, was launched in 1990 when EAB was first on the market with this type of volume handling of pallets. Customers demanded efficiency and maximum utilisation of storage space. Our new system, which has also been patented, has opened up completely new perspectives thanks to the mechanical collection of pallets in high-density racking – of particular value for warehouses requiring pallet handling in cold and freezer storage. With the launch of our sixth generation of Radioshuttle™, we have integrated the experience we have gained with over 1,000 installations around the world and made it Industry 4.0 ready. This remarkable flexible and robust system can handle all pallet formats and temperature zones.”

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