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Bilia, Sisjön

Bilia Sisjon Topp

EAB has once again, in cooperation with Erlandsson Bygg AB, had the pleasure of supplying a completely new car showroom, this time to Bilia Sisjön Göteborg. The new premises were ordered by Fastighets AB Balder for their Renault range. EAB’s undertaking includes the steel frame, roof panels, sandwich elements and concrete foundations. The new installation in Sisjön covers some 2,300 m
2, half of it as showrooms and half as a workshop and office space.

Bilia is a full-range supplier who offers everything needed by motorists. The business concept is to offer car sales, service and supplementary services that give its customers real value. The group company Bilia AB is one of Europe’s largest car chains and runs over 100 facilities in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.

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