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Right now we´re lifting 65,000 pallets all around the world!

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Right now we´re lifting 65,000 pallets all around the world!

EAB's patented radio shuttle system, System Maxipacker® is a unique and unbeatable solution for when you need effective storage systems for your high-volume products. We are now into the fourth generation of the system, which means that we can show both the original and the latest and most tested version to our customers.

An original with 1,000 installations
We have, up to now, delivered 1,000 installations, everything from extremely large central warehouses and logistics depots to slightly smaller storage spaces. This has given us breadth and a deep knowledge which our customers can benefit from during the planning and implementing stages of when a new warehouse is to be planned and built.

Who needs our Maxipacker system?
Our Maxipacker system is absolutely best suited for warehouses that handle high-volume products - from fresh products and colonial products to capital goods and consumables. The pictures above show a selection of the products transported by System Maxipacker. The common factor for our customers and projects is a high stipulation for efficiency, ergonomics, effective use of storage space and sustainability over time. Our customers include world-renowned brands within consumer goods, drinks, dairy products etc.

About bumblebees and bicycles
Our System Maxipacker also provides an excellent storage solution for unusual projects, for example when handling bumblebees in boxes. With a little help from these lovesick bees, the end customer can achieve better harvests through better pollination. We also have the pleasure of "lifting" the world's most Swedish of bikes made by Skeppshult when and where needed in their small, but efficient and customised warehouse.

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